Shamsher (Sham) Beri – More than 35 Years


Principle Electrical Engineer with robust Quality Management Systems expertise. International Assessor and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in U.S. NRC 10 CFR 50 App. B/ASME NQA-1: 1994/2008/2009, U.S. NRC 10 CFR Part 71, 72, U.S. DOE Orders, U.S. NRC 10 CFR Part 21 and U.S. EPRI NP-5652. Global Trainer for U.S. NRC 10 CFR 50 App. B/ASME NQA-1 Lead Auditors, U.S. NRC 10 CFR Part 21 CGI Dedication and Root Cause/Problem Solving Techniques, and Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE). U.S. NRC recognized course for Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI). Registrar for ISO 9001:2008 – 2015. Assessments, development, and implementation of Quality Management Systems based on the prominent standards such as ISO 9001, Nuclear U.S. NRC 10 CFR 50 App. B/ASME NQA-1, QS 9000, TS 16949-2009, and U.S. Malcolm Baldridge Performance Criteria (Awards Program). Performed over 850 Quality Assessments including U.S. NRC 10 CFR 50 App. B/NQA-1: 1994/2008, U.S. NRC 10 CFR Part 21. Conducted registrations to ISO 9001 and QS 9000 for both National and International. Beri Associates is comprised of several industry experts available to assist any organization or company looking to improve or expand their current business goals, processes, and advertisement needs.

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Various U.S. and Global Nuclear Power Plants, Department of Defense (DoD), EPCs, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Contract Manufacturing, Electronics, Machine Shops, Distribution Centers, Casting and Forging, and Field Services. Quality Management Systems for firms both large and small as well as those needing improvement to maintain a competitive advantage and certifications.

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