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American Made Quality Management

This is an exciting and memorable time here in America & elsewhere around the world where quality is being viewed as a demanding management system tool.

I have for more than five (5) decades and have been fortunate to have witnessed & experienced some of the advances in science, technology, medicine, exploration, communications, safety, manufacturing, software use, political differences, & social rivalries.

The numerous organizations achieving success by all the contributors in these endeavors required determination & a commitment to “Do Things Right the First Time.” Decades of achievements in compliance & performance clearly enhanced educational methods also attributed to the contributors.

During my learning years, I found some of the simple principles of meeting my “QUALITY” goals were:

  • A Need to Know (customer, work scope, & task requirements)
  • A Need to Have Access (contracts, specifications, codes, standards, regulations, etc.)
  • A Need for Verification (assess, review, factual analysis, & validate)
  • A Need for Communications (plans, schedules, meetings, results, & reports)
  • A Need to Have (A clear understanding of internal and External Discipline Audits)
  • A Need to Have (A clear understanding of Non-conformances and the Consequential Risks)

Simply stated: “When a product or service is complete & ‘conforms to requirements’ as specified, procured, developed, produced, measured, verified, reported, accepted, and used by satisfied clients; QUALITY goals and requirements have been met.”


George J. Toly


In Memoriam December 2020 ~ Mr. George J. Toly was the senior contributor for the site 2016 upgrade design & content.

Paul W. Gladieux