GQM’s plan includes working towards engagements in other sectors. By demonstrating our success in using quality tools to define, scope, design, write, implement, maintain, and improve a QMS, we will support any company in any sector with their effort.

Since our founding, we have developed a mix of clients that achieved QMS goals including compliance while others gained various certification status. Programs and projects range from startups, turnarounds, and upgrades. These include augmentation through complete project management. Clients embraced our approach of using a “requirements matrix” and learned the value in maintaining this core compliance tool. Requirements management is critical in high consequence applications such as nuclear facilities and equipment, safety-related structures and components, semi-conductor mass production FABS (Foundries), and transportation equipment suppliers.

In a global market of ever increasing business risk, competition, mergers, profit expectations, performance requirements, demands for public safety, environmental management, and repeat customers, a QMS is not just for large and mid-size companies. A QMS also offers a stable framework for growing and sustaining a healthy business culture.