Since our founding in 1991, we have serviced numerous clients in over 50 Sectors | Segments | Applications.  At this stage, collectively we have over 950 clients on record.  We have assisted them achieve goals of regulatory and code compliance, while others gained various types of product and management system certifications.  Operations, programs, and projects range from startups, turnarounds, and upgrades.  Services have ranged from augmentation through complete management system delivery (concept ~ implementation).

Clients typically embrace our proven approach of using a ‘Requirements Management Matrix’ and rapidly learn the value in maintaining this quality management tool.  Requirements management is critical and mandatory in high-consequence applications such as nuclear facilities and equipment, safety-related structures and components, semi-conductor mass production FABs (Foundries), bridge and tunnel structures, wind mill towers, military products and systems, and transportation equipment.

In a global market of ever increasing business risk and competition, mergers, profit expectations, performance requirements, demands for public safety, environmental management; an effective QMS is required for all tiers in applicable supply chains.  It’s not just for large and mid-size companies.  Our history includes engagements for clients with 25 ~ 20,000 employees on scopes of $5mln ~ $8bln.

GQM Advisors will engage and effectively deliver on any size and scope effort. Advisor Bios Advisors | Resources demonstrate the variety and depth of expertise and offerings.