Global Quality Management Advisors

Management Systems Focused on Quality Since 1991


GQM ADVISORS WAS FOUNDED IN 1991 on the belief the “Management of Quality is a fundamental responsibility of everyone engaged in the delivery of products and services.”  We are a group of leading Independent Quality-focused Professionals with a reputation of mastery and excellence in deploying the Four Quality Disciplines > QL, QM, QA, & QC. The Group understands that all business disciplines must be quality-focused for an organization to achieve annual goals and objectives delineated in its Quality Management System (QMS).

Advisors collective expertise exceeds 750 years encompassing more than 40 business Sectors | Segments | Applications. Our established relationships in various industries, societies, agencies, business peer groups, and supply chains enables us to align the never-ending mix of management systems baseline requirements in virtually any operation and program environment.




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