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GQM ASSOCIATES WAS FOUNDED IN 1991 on the belief the “Management of Quality is a fundamental responsibility of everyone engaged in the delivery of products and services.”  GQM is a group of Independent Professional Generalists and Specialists in the Four Disciplines > QL, QM, QA, & QC.

In 2016, we expanded our offerings and changed our name to GQM Advisors. We recognize other quality-related disciplines are integral for achieving quality goals. An effective Quality Management System (QMS) is dependent on strong integration of internal and external disciplines; Independent Advisors in various quality-related disciplines are now engaging with us. Example disciplines include engineering/design/testing, procurement, human performance, safety culture, regulatory compliance and oversight, and expert witness.

Advisors embrace safety and quality to ensure regulatory compliance, compliant deliverables, and conformance with client commitments. Knowing safety and quality are at the heart of worker wellness, profitability, compliance, customer satisfaction, and world-class performance; we truly understand the value in making SAFETY and QUALITY first among equals.




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