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Global Nuclear Energy – The Race 2017

2017, December 23 | GQM Advisors, Paul W. Gladieux

Research | Commitment | Strategy | Investors | Owners | Designers | Builders | Operators | Suppliers - SAFETY - QUALITY - COMPLIANCE

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U.S. Nuclear Power Industry, “The Renaissance – Back to the Future” Power Point 2009

2009 September | Presentation ASQ Portland, OR, GQMassciates, Paul W. Gladieux, Founder | CEO

Power Point look ahead for the U.S. Nuclear Energy Segment.

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Report to U.S. Congress 1984, NUREG-1055, Improving Quality & the Assurance of Quality in the Design & Construction of Nuclear Power Plants 1984

1984 May | W. Altman, T. Ankrum, W. Brach, US NRC Div. QA, Safeguards, & Inspection Programs (Office of Inspection & Enforcement)

At the request of Congress, U.S. NRC conducted a study of existing & alternative programs for improving quality & the assurance of quality in the design & construction of commercial nuclear power plants. A primary focus of the study was to determine the underlying causes of major quality-related problems in the construction of some nuclear power plants & the untimely detection & correction of these problems. NOTE: Link to PDF available on U.S. NRC website (29.9 MB)

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