Neil Alexander, PhD – More than 40 Years


Harnesses generic marketing, sales and communication skills to a broad knowledge of the nuclear industry including power generation, medical isotopes, decommissioning and waste management, fusion and small modular reactors, in order to advise clients on developing new business. Experienced in undertaking marketing, supply chain and technology studies and developing marketing plans, business plans and white papers. An expert on the development of winning business proposals providing assistance through developing win strategies, editorial advice, red team reviewing and coaching / training. Writes frequently about nuclear matters.

Principal Consultant, Bycephalus Consulting

Co-Founder of Let’s Talk Nuclear – ‘The art and science of nuclear communications’

Sectors | Segments | Applications

Commercial nuclear power operations (NPPs), small modular reactors (SMRs), medical isotopes, decommissioning and waste management, Fusion and nuclear supply chains.


Energy | Nuclear Industry

  • Government of Canada
  • Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries
  • Canadian Nuclear Association
  • Government of Japan
  • Cavendish Nuclear
  • EnergySolutions
  • Nuvia
  • Major Energy Company (not disclosed)
  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
  • Canadian Union (Not disclosed)

Medical Isotopes

  • McMaster University
  • Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
  • Urenco

Compelling Communications

  • Kinectrics
  • Moltex Energy
  • Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem
  • Ag-West Bio

Companies | Organizations

  • Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (Executive Director)
  • Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Canada President and General Manager
  • Organization of CANDU Industries (President)
  • Babcock and Wilcox Canada (VP Business Development)
  • SNC Lavalin Nuclear/Canatom (VP Business Development)
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (OPG Account Director)
  • Safeguard International (General Manager)
  • Monserco Ltd (President)
  • AEA Technology /United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (Various)

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