Nancy LeClerc Brown, AEA – More than 30 Years


Ms. Brown is an internationally recognized, multi-certified Master Lead Auditor servicing a wide range of clients with Aerospace Quality Management Systems (AQMS) in the aerospace sector.  Requirements certifications include, but are not limited to: AS9100/EN9100, AS9110/EN9110, ISO 9001:2015, AS5553, AS6081 and Part 145 certified.  Experience in FAA, EASA, and various NAA Compliance.  CB Reviewing and/or registration Consulting Services with NASA quality, Human Space, DoD, FAA, and various NAA engagements.  29+ years of Quality Control and Risk Management. She is focused on continuous improvement, AQMS services and developing win-win situations specifically in the Aerospace industry.

Sectors | Segments | Applications

ICOP (Internationally Controlled Other Party) FKA “3rd Party” audits for Aerospace Quality Management System, compliance evaluations, CB Reviewing with registration support activities, Gap Analysis.  Former Project Engineer for NASA and Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne via the Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller Program (SSMEC).  For L-3 Communications planned product realization, related customer processes, design and development, purchasing, RMA’s, service operations, retrofit, software updates and maintenance activities including the overhaul, repair, inspection, replacement, modification, Mean Time Before Failure analysis and any defect Failure Error Mode and Analysis, monitoring, measurement, analysis and continuous improvement.  Customers included, but not limited to: SpaceX, NASA, L-3, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Airbus, Boeing, others.

Clients | Companies

  • NASA / SpaceX – Space Exploration
  • ATSG Logistic Support Services
  • Performance Review Institute
  • Oxebridge Quality Resources International LLC
  • Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services, Inc.
  • NSF International
  • SRI Quality System Registrar
  • Orion Registrar, Inc.
  • Honeywell Aerospace Vendome
  • GE Aviation
  • L-3 Communications
  • GL Systems Certification HUB Germany Team – –
  • – Order management Germanischer Lloyd

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