J. Mark Harris – More than 45 Years


Expertise in corporate quality management & quality assurance encompassing project management, auditing, inspection planning, configuration management, quality management system startups, operations analysis, procurement & supply chain oversight, & client requirements compliance. Directed a successful effort to fully integrate QHSE into an operational platform for a fortune 100 Company. Performed as a key stakeholder in the post-Challenger Space Shuttle investigation efforts to requalify NASA Contractors. Directed an effort to walk down in pre-commissioning the nation’s first and largest chemical weapons destruction facilities at Tooele Utah; a task that involved certifying over 500 P&IDs for plant configuration verification and Government turnover. Led a design and engineering effort to robotically polymerize and remove mercuric chloride contained in in liquid nerve agent (GB Sarin) to meet regulatory effluent limits and RCRA mandates. Task involved processing over 2000 one ton containers of liquid agent.

Sectors | Segments | Applications

Electronics, government, petrochemical, chemical, nuclear power, aerospace, engineered equipment / systems, & large scope EPC programs.

Clients | Companies

  • Bechtel TPI Uranium Processing Facility, Oakridge, TN 
  • U.S DOE Sites
  • A.T. Kearney – U.S. DOE Hanford Tank Farms
  • Litwin Engineers
  • United Energy Services – Alyeska Pipeline Services Co.
  • M.W. Kellogg Inc.
  • Hydra Pak / NASA
  • The Ralph M. Parsons Co.
  • EBASCO Services
  • TD Williamson
  • Others

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