Mark Campagna, PMP – More than 30 Years, Nuclear Professional


Senior Executive with extensive Project Management expertise and over 30 years of demonstrated successful experience in the Nuclear Energy/Power field including U.S. and global management/leadership roles.

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Managed multi-million-dollar projects at operating commercial nuclear power stations involving nuclear facility EPC [most recently post-Fukushima & Cyber Security remediations], decommissioning and dismantlement (D&D), waste management, site remediation and transport of nuclear fuel. Served as United States Naval Officer on large nuclear-powered warships.


Achieved turnaround-change management results in varied sub-sectors including on site PM of NPPs (Exelon PM@CCNPP and PPL@SSES), Consulting (ABS Consulting), EPCM/AE (Worley Parsons USAC Nuclear), NSSS OEM-SMR new build (Hyperion Power Generation), and large NPP new build (GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy).

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