Daniel Yurman – More than 45 Years Experience


1989 – 2009 worked at the Idaho National Laboratory in multiple roles involving strategic planning for the laboratory, technology commercialization and spin-offs, IT, and business development.

As a Senior Project Manager, direct report to Chief Information Officer, Idaho National Laboratory, managed acquisition and deployment of a leased $2M Sun Microsystems grid computing facility for nuclear fuel simulation applications.

Project management for environmental remediation of nuclear/hazardous waste. Managed budgets, cost, schedule, earned value management, and project controls for $10M/annually in operations work packages at the Idaho Cleanup Project. The work scope involved cleanup / decommissioning of a spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.

Program Manager for the lab’s first geographic information system (GIS) that mapped over 100 waste sites at the 900 square mile federal facility.

In Cleveland, OH, Senior Project Planner, Space Flight Systems / NASA Glenn. Project Planning & Controls – Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator. Manage a $50M project portfolio with a team of 22 contractor cost account managers for schedules, work breakdown structures, budgets, earned value reports, information systems, configuration management, and risk management.

In manufacturing at Rockwell Automation, Project Manager for new product development, team shipped two new products in two years in the hardware/firmware for networking and condition monitoring lines. Project scope is in range of $1M to $5M. A key aspect is project management for externally-sourced product development efforts including U.S. and off-shore teams in UK and India.

At Thermo-Fisher Scientific, led the project management function for development of new products in radiation dosimeter devices for the use in the nuclear medicine health services field, for radiation source/contamination detection by first responders, homeland security, and for general use by radiation workers at commercial nuclear power plants worldwide. Key focus is project management for the transition of new technologies from bench scale design through completion of the product development process and launch making a new product available to customers.

At CSA Group managed nine standards committees, covering 22 ANSI standards, for safety and manufacturing standards for gas (methane, propane, hydrogen) burning appliances & devices involving over 400 industry subject matter experts. Worked with committee chairs and members to develop new standards for use in the US (ANSI) and Canada (SCC) as well as to update existing standards to new editions.

In the realm of social media, the following milestones cover work from 2007-2012.

2007 – Present ~ Publisher/Editor of the blog “Neutron Bytes,” which focuses on nuclear energy news, policy, and technology. The blog provides insights into the latest technology advancements, regulatory updates, and public policy and opinion regarding nuclear power. The blog is a respected source of information in the global nuclear energy community. It is read in over 100 countries. For the past five years it has drawn over 300,000 page views/year. https://neutronbytes.com

2012 ~ Launched the blog and social media feeds of the NGNP Alliance, a consortium of heavy industry petrochemical firms seeking to build a 300 MW high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor (HTGR) for process heat applications at oil refineries, chemical plants, and coal to liquid fuel operations. https://bit.ly/3IZU5pq

2011 ~ Organized and hosted a 1st-of-a-kind webinar with the Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on reactor safety. Earned media coverage in New York Times.

Received a special recognition award from the American Nuclear Society for work in communicating nuclear energy science and engineering information to the news media and the public during Japan’s Fukushima nuclear site crisis. http://tinyurl.com/ans2011-djy

2010 ~ Launched ANS Nuclear Cafe, the official blog of the American Nuclear Society serving the organization’s 14,000 members with a new social media platform. https://www.ans.org/news/

2007 – 2012 ~ Reporter for Fuel Cycle Week, a nuclear industry trade newsletter published by International Nuclear Associates, Washington, DC, which covered the global nuclear fuel cycle. (5,000 readers in 12 countries).

Sectors | Segments | Applications

  • U.S. and global commercial nuclear energy industry – LWR, SMR, and advanced designs
  • Nuclear fuel cycle – mining, enrichment, fuel fabrication, spent fuel mgt, reprocessing
  • Environmental remediation of nuclear/hazardous waste; DOE/EPA

Clients | Companies

  • Neutron Bytes – a blog about nuclear energy online since 2007
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • American Nuclear Society
  • Energy Central – Energy & Sustainability Segment
  • Various nuclear energy industry trade publications

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