Daniel K. Harbert – More than 45 Years Experience


Mr. Harbert has extensive expertise in engineering, design interface reviews, systems testing, procedure development, team management, management systems, and project support roles in the nuclear energy industry. His initial project work began as a Mechanical Test Engineer and Welding Engineer at the U.S. Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry-dock Co. on two nuclear aircraft carriers. Roles encompassed trouble shooting shipyard-wide welding processes, developing procedures for qualification with ABS Standards, and designing, testing, & evaluating new welding equipment. Testing included flushing, hydros, system functional tests, initial reactor criticality, power range testing, & sea trials.

Mr. Harbert entered the Commercial Nuclear Power (NPP) industry during the ‘U.S. First Fleet’ era of plants (more than 60 plants in-progress) under Design/Procurement/Construction/ Startup/Operations/Fuel Reloads/Maintenance Outages. Principal/Senior roles encompassed programs such as: licensing, safety reviews, design package reviews/approvals/releases, design change interface evaluations, mechanical system startups & testing, equipment & system qualifications, surveillance testing, root cause & corrective action evaluations, procedure development, supplier evaluations, preventative maintenance, USQs & operability concern reviews, & code safety relief valves.

For more than 12 years on the U.S. Nuclear NuStart Consortium, Mr. Harbert performed in a key role on the Westinghouse Nuclear AP1000 Startup Program. As a Principal Engineer in the Operations Procedures Group (interfacing with 40 nuclear procedure writers), he led efforts to determine DCP/E & DCR impacts to the plant operating procedures. He also led confirmation of design-related change incorporation. Responsible for ensuring the pre-op, startup, & operations functional area’s conformance with the procedures controlling design changes & configuration control. Participated in Change Control Review Board meetings for DCPs having significance to Operating Procedures. Provided training to Chinese Customer Engineers & Westinghouse Interns for review of DCP impacts to operating procedures. Wrote DCPs affecting all AP1000 operating procedures to allow incorporation of client comments as well as validation & verification comments.

Mr. Harbert holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology.


Westinghouse Nuclear AP1000 Program, Three Mile Island, South Texas Project, Songs, Wolf Creek, Beaver Valley, D.C. Cook, Salem, Indian Point 2, Davis Besse, Callaway, U.S. Navy Propulsion Reactors at Newport News


Brunswick, Fermi, Hope Creek, LaSalle


Principal, Lead, Senior, Mechanical, Licensing, Procurement, Welding, Testing, System Startups and Upgrades


  • U.S. 10CFR50, Appendix A (General Design Criteria) & App. B (Quality Assurance – ANSI N45.2, ASME NQA-1)
  • U.S. 10CFR50.54 (f), System Functional Review
  • U.S. 10CFR50.59, Safety Evaluations, Licensing Commitments, Design Basis Documents
  • U.S. 10CFR50.65, Maintenance Rule
  • U.S. 10CFR50 72.48, Changes, Tests, and Experiments
  • U.S. FSAR Updates, NRC & INPO Questions
  • U.S. NRC Standard Review Plan (SRP), NUREG-0800
  • U.S. NRC / ASME Regulations, Codes, and Standards
  • U.S. ABS Standards


  • U.S. Commercial Nuclear Energy Plants
  • U.S. Navy Fleet Propulsion Program

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  • Westinghouse Nuclear AP1000 Startup Program
  • Callaway Nuclear Station
  • Davis Besse Nuclear Station
  • Salem Nuclear
  • Indian Point 2
  • C. Cook Nuclear Station
  • Beaver Valley Unit 2, Stone & Webster (Boston)
  • Wolf Creek Station
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
  • South Texas Project
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Unit 2
  • Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry-dock Co.


  • Brunswick Steam Electric Plant
  • Fermi Atomic Power Plant
  • Hope Creek Generating Station
  • LaSalle County Nuclear Station

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