Charles S. Olson, USAF Col (Ret) – More than 30 years

Awarded Humanitarian Service Medal during Operation DESERT STORM

Honored Guest – Wreath Laying Australian National Anzac Celebration Brisbane


Expertise in management, international engagements, multi-cultural understanding with distinction and honor within the Department of Defense. Twenty-six years national teamwork and living under code of conduct 24/7 on-call duty; personnel supervision, planning and training; domestic and international engagement with leadership at all levels; knowledge covering the entirety of aircraft operations, support, and planning. Led numerous command and administrative staffs from 15 to 850 personnel; executed and managed many budgets in excess of tens of millions; presented hundreds of presentations on various topics (20~350 attendees); administered numerous USAF personnel programs, and incident management trained. Strategic air defense including advanced drone program development.

Missions | Programs


  • Overseas UAS Predator commander on 11 September 2001.
  • Led detachment of 80 personnel in war time conditions from Kuwait to a forward staging area in Pakistan.
  • Ran 24/7 operations generating 1,111 combat flight hours for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.
  • Over-came combat losses of 3 UAS aircraft and earned Bronze Star for war time leadership.
  • Vice Commander for the Pacific Theater’s Air Operations Center, which was responsible for executing command and control of multi-national assets spanning the entire range of air, sea, land, space, and cyberspace operations to half the earth’s service; oversaw a multi-million-dollar operational budget and the wellbeing of >800 Joint and Multi-National personnel.
  • Special Forces Director to South Korea’s Air Operations Center; supervised 28 personnel who coordinated U.S. SOF support to South Korea’s war plans and exercises.
  • Air base commander on the island of Curacao, Netherland Antilles which had an economic impact of 89M; managed a staff of 124 personnel, executed a $2.7M aircraft ramp repair project and facilitated aircraft support requirements for 750 multi-national counterdrug sorties.
  • Red Team Space Aggressor and instructor at the Advanced Space Operations School. Instituted the planning and design for a multi-million test and training range infrastructure.
  • Team leader for a three-ship Blackhawk helicopter areo-medical group that executed European Cmd’s medical exercise Partnership for Peace in Albania.
  • Airlifted specialized medical teams to austere mountain top communities to provide medical and dental treatments.
  • Overseas Army Aeromedical platoon leader responsible for the readiness and welfare of 50 pilot and maintenance personnel and 15 Blackhawk helicopters valued at over 100 million.


  • A senior advisor to the Commander of Pacific Air Forces (4-star General) for military requirements development and national war plan advancement.
  • Managed a Special Operations Command and Control (C2) center which tracked all training events and real-world operations for the Special Operations Forces (two-star) Commander.
  • Assisted in the development, establishment and operational maturity of the 55 million-dollar, 26,750 square foot Air Operations Center for 12th Air Force.
  • Assisted in planning and execution of presidential security through Operation NOBEL EAGLE through the direction of standby F22 fighter aircraft.
  • USAF event planner for exercise Talisman Saber, a biennial Australia-United States war game which involved 21,000 US and 7,000 AUS personnel over a month’s period of time.

Flight Certifications

  • Commercial Pilot, Cert 3450490; 2,200 flight hours
  • Military Aircraft
  • Fixed Wing – Six
  • Helicopter – Five
  • Unmanned Aircraft – Two
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