André Wakker, PhD – More than 30 Years Experience

Humanist | Change Manager | Team Leader | Certified Coach | Independent Consultant | Energy Transition Professional


Dr. Wakker has deep expertise in international business development and consulting in various industrial sectors and across a variety of cultures. As a leader, certified coach, and independent consultant, he supports humans, businesses, teams and organizations to move forward and prosper. He has long, in-depth experience in leading large and smaller teams of professionals. As a passionate professional in value creation, he supports businesses to deepen purpose, strategy, and execution. He focuses on both human and technical challenges in business.

Dr. Wakker also has a profound experience in the energy transition. He has professionally been active in fossil, renewables and nuclear sectors, both on the industry and on the policy side. His vision is crystal clear: nuclear is the best we have and if we want to save the planet, we should build nuclear power plants. The more. The faster. The better. Nuclear provides the largest energy output with the smallest natural resources input and the smallest footprint. It is his deep personal mission to speak and write about it in public, anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Wakker (1958) holds a PhD in science and mathematics from the University of Amsterdam. He graduated in nuclear physics.

Nuclear Sectors

Newbuilds, Nuclear Safety, Operations, Decommissioning, Waste management, Energy Scenario’s.

Sectors | Segments | Applications

Oil & Gas, Renewables, Nuclear, National and Regional (semi-)public sectors, High-end Products and Engineering Services.

Clients | Companies

EDF, Engie, EoN, and local and international players in the nuclear supply chain.
(Semi-)public organizations. Variety of engineering firms.

Contact (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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