James D. Nikola – More than 38 Years


Expertise with diversified credentials in areas of project and field engineering, management, quality audits, quality engineering, work planning. ISO/NQA-1 auditor, owners inspector (ASME B31.3 code), document analysis, technical writer, training instructor, motor operated valve diagnostic technician, and QC visual/NDE examinations (level III) in electrical/I&C, mechanical, and welding disciplines. Working knowledge of several PC applications and information management systems (EDMS, PIMS, SIMS, SAP, RMS, SharePoint).

Sectors | Segments | Applications

Engineering procurement, and construction (EPC), start-up/nuclear power commissioning, and operations/maintenance, semiconductor, manufacturing, steel fabrication industries, nuclear module design, supply chain oversight, off-site assembly, and delivery.

Clients | Companies

  • Terra Power LLC, SMR/Microreactors – Startup Programs
  • Westinghouse Nuclear AP-1000 NPP, Southern Nuclear, Vogtle Units 3 & 4
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron AP-1000 NPP, Southern Nuclear, Vogtle Units 3 & 4
  • BWX Technologies NE/TSG
  • Bechtel National Inc. at RPP/WTP Program
  • VIGOR Industrial for RPP/WTP Programs
  • LSI Logic Inc., Semiconductor Facilities
  • Stone and Webster Engineering, Nine Mile Point-2 NPP
  • PG&E, Diablo Canyon NPP
  • SUN Technical Services, Diablo Canyon NPP
  • Mid-Columbia Engineering, DOE Hanford 2 Commercial NPP

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