Evolving Nuclear Governance for a New Era, Report by GNI, NEI, & PGS May 2017

The Global Nexus Initiative (GNI), which is co-sponsored by the Partnership for Global Security and the Nuclear Energy Institute, plans to publish a report, Evolving Nuclear Governance for a New Era, on 2 May. Formed in 2015, Washington DC-based GNI brings together experts from the nuclear industry, nuclear security energy, and climate change communities to examine the challenges posed by climate change, energy demand and global security.

“The locus of new nuclear plant construction has shifted to fast growing nations in Asia and the Middle East,” the GNI said on 18 April, “and traditional suppliers, including the USA, France and Japan, are giving way to Russia and China, which have the most active nuclear production lines, the capacity to increase manufacturing and the state financing to support it.”

Date posted: April 25, 2017 | Author: