Timeline 1900 ~ 2020 ‘The 4 Quality Disciplines QL | QM | QA | QC & CQO’

Overview of Key Events that Shaped ‘The 4 Quality Disciplines’ during the 120-year Period Beginning with the Industrial Revolution. The Quality Profession is one of a few that “Backed its Way into The Workforce.” Its progression is in fact QC to QA to QM to QL. The Quality Professional in our modern times still is Not part of the ‘C’ Suit. There are numerous CxO positions, however, no CQOs. Post-COVID-19 should be the era when U.S. Corporations leverage from a CQO in the Executive Suit & Boardroom. Real Quality Performance Goals & Results belong to Top Management.

Millions of Americans watching the COVID-19 Briefings Led by President Trump had ‘Quality Performance Data’ explained by Dr. Birx (she clearly depicts the role of a seasoned CQO for an Executive Staff & Board). As the CQO working in the QL role, I found her presentations the typical basis for managing the overall strategy for American Safety, Health, Security, & ‘Quality of Life.’ President Trump & Vice President Pence where extremely smart to appoint a Task Force CQO on Day One – when ‘Quality Performance’ starts. Is the CQO Role the next ‘New Professional’ role in your C Suit starting in 2020 & beyond? Some may argue the CEO is the CQO.

Date posted: May 11, 2020 | Author: